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Bespoke Memory Boxes

Memory boxes are ideal for people living with dementia. The memory boxes can be used on a one to one basis, in group therapy or for the resident to use on his or her own. Carers, friends and relatives will find the memory boxes to be extremely useful in helping to start interaction by offering familiar visual aids.

Our bespoke Memory boxes contain memorabilia pack of your choice and 12 items designed to stimulate and inspire meaningful conversation.

You have the option to choose what you would like in the box from our extensive list below or you can choose to order our "Ready to go" box pre filled with a memorabilia pack and items chosen by us. All our memory boxes come in a cardboard presentation box and wrapped in ribbon.

Memorabilia Packs

Choose one from the list below:

  • Victorian Household
  • Suffragettes
  • World War 1
  • Roaring 1920s
  • The Home Front
  • The Children's War
  • Women's War
  • Home Guard
  • The Blitz
  • The RAF at War
  • Motoring
  • Titanic
  • Steam Trains
  • 1950s Household
  • 1960s Childhood
  • British Seaside holiday
  • War at Sea
  • Yanks
  • Beatlemania
  • Victorian Entertainment

All packs are similar in size (25cm x 13cm, and they are designed. printed and collated in the UK. Each item is carefully scanned and printed as close to the original as possible, resulting in a carefully selected mix of items, producing a sense of "being there" for the reader. These prove popular with young and old alike and can be used as helpful aids.

Now choose 12 items from the list below:

Ladies Items

  • Lavender Oil
  • Knitted booties
  • Wooden darning mushroom
  • Dolly pegs
  • Ladies handkerchief
  • Pink lipstick
  • Ladies scalf
  • Wooden handled skipping rope
  • Passport cover
  • Ladies gardening gloves
  • Velcro rollers
  • Nail brush
  • Pressed face powder
  • Shoe horn
  • Ladies purse
  • Clear plastic rain hood
  • Wooden yo-yo
  • Replica war time cookery
  • booklet
  • Carbolic soap in a soap box
  • Make do and mend booklet (32 page WW2 booklet full of tips to mend and preserve clothes and household linen)

Gentlemen's Items

  • Set of dominos
  • Set of playing cards
  • Gents gardening gloves
  • Leather elbow patches
  • Passport cover
  • Gents handkerchief
  • Nail brush
  • Home Guard
  • Shaving brush
  • Braces
  • Shoe horn
  • Carbolic soap in a soap box
  • Wooden yo-yo
  • Shoe polish brush
  • Replica WW2 junior I.D Cards
  • Tweed flat cap
  • Wooden pipe
  • Please note: Image for illustration purposes only, actual products may vary
  • Replica WW2 aircraft booklet
  • Flying scotsman booklet (64 page booklet detailing the 524 mile journey from King's Cross to Aberdeen)

Bespoke Memory Boxes